HIDEA, as a retailer of various high-quality brands, provides mechanical, electrical and IT products conforming to international standards. We do our best to always offer clients with competitive pricing. Our global supply chain includes Siemens, ABB, Alstom, Voith, Schneider Elektric, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, etc.


HIDEA initially focused on solely providing mechanical and electrical services. However, with the gained international exposures and experiences, particularly in the hydro power industry, its service portfolio has expanded to include the following:

Electrical and Instrumentation

The general electrical and instrumentation services encompass a large part of BPI’s core business. With the utilization of its vast expertise in these services and applied technologies, the company can effectively combine electrical and field instrumentation with automation. Some of the products BPI utilizes include supply, Installation and perform testing and maintenance on the following types of electrical power system components:
  1. Protection systems
  2. Solid state relays
  3. Electromagnetic relays
  4. Protective relays/metering
  5. SF6 circuit breakers Gas/vacuum circuit breakers
  6. Power circuit breakers Circuit switches
  7. Power transformers
  8. Generators
  9. Electric motors
  10. Ground grids
  11. Metal-clad switchgear
  12. Switchgear
  13. Auto circuit reclosers
  14. Meters
  15. Power cables
  16. Load tap changers
  17. Battery systems
  18. Voltage regulators
  19. Uninterruptible power systems


HIDEA has a considerable amout of experience in turnkey projects, particularly in the field of powerplant constructions. BPI implements the erection and installation of mechanical systems by means of complex equipment and techniques, such as:
  1. Turbine and Inlet Valve
  2. Generator Winding Installation
  3. Generator Erection
  4. Mechanical Balance of plant, which consists of:
    • Cooling Water System (Pumps and Piping)
    • Overhead Crane
    • Firefighting system
    • Hydraulic System
    • Water Treatment Plant
    • Diesel Generator Set
    • Heating Ventilation and Air Condition System (HVAC)

Automation and Control

Automation and control systems play a vital role across different sectors; from power plant, oil and gas, chemicals, cement, to food and beverage, water treatment, and others. BPI offers its clients advanced automation and control technologies, such as:
  1. Programmable Logic Control
  2. Distributed Control System
  3. Substation Automation System
  4. SCADA and Tele-control System

Information Technology and Network

Management information systems (MIS) in industrial business consist of an information technology and networking system. Hence, it is BPI’s goal to develop advanced IT automation in order to find alternative and reliable solutions at a minimum cost. BPI is able to develop a complete networking system by effectively using:
  1. Fiber-optic technology
  2. Advance database programming
  3. Application software
  4. OPC interfacing communication for advanced IT automation

BPI’s services are designed to offer comprehensive and integrative solutions for clients with the possibility to request for standard and / or tailored services,such as installation, testing and commissioning of control system, etc.